Managing & Coaching in Youth Justice


Managing & Coaching

Accredited by the University of Suffolk this 30 week course will assist those working within the Youth Justice sector that are either in a management/supervisory role or who aim to be promoted into such a position. This module will help you to have a wider critical overview of policy developments regarding staff development within the sector (FDYJ/YJEPC) and the intended impact this should have. Further, you will explore what it takes to be a successful manager and coach, providing them with the skills to empower the staff you are responsible for whilst undertaking staff development opportunities. This module will provide you with the skills necessary to become a ‘work-based coach’ to support colleagues who are undertaking the Foundation Degree in Youth Justice.


On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Critically explore essential concepts and principles in relation to staff development within Youth Justice
  • Critically evaluate organizational culture in relation to leadership
  • Critically evaluate approaches to evidence-based implementation
  • Critically discuss theories of and approaches to adult learning
  • Select, justify and use a range of coaching strategies that will enable staff to build a bridge between learning on the FDYJ/YJEPC, technical performance and the workplace context
  • Reflect critically on own development as a coach within the workplace.

“as a result of this course I will be more equipped to recognise situations that require a specific approach to either manage, coach or mentor team members to make them feel supported and improve their performance” MCYJ Student

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“The tutors demonstrated excellent subject knowledge they delivered the training at a pace and level to suit the needs of a diverse group of learners.  Their delivery catered for all learning styles.  They engaged the learners and they distributed their attention fairly to ensure inclusivity.  FANTASTIC LEARNING EXPERIENCE, THANK YOU”  MCYJ Student 2020

What you will study

Public sector management – explore organisational culture and politics and perspectives on leadership in the public sector context.

Reforming the Workforce – find out more about the context for change in the youth justice sector, including the Youth Justice Professional Framework and the relationship-based practice framework.

Evidence-based implementation: consider the factors involved in implementing evidence-based practice successfully in the youth justice workplace.

Learners and learning – find out more about how adults learn, barriers to learning and some strategies for supporting learners effectively in the workplace.

Coaching for effective practice – develop your coaching skills through dialogue, observation and communication and through partnering with practitioners to incorporate research-based practice into their interactions with young people.

How will you learn?

This is a distance learning course.  The majority of the content you will study will be delivered through our engaging, media rich digital resources.  You will be supported throughout your studies by one of our learning coaches with knowledge of the subject area and expertise in providing effective support to students working at a distance.

How will you be assessed?

You will be assessed through computer marked assignments and a range of written assignments, including:

  • Essays
  • Case studies
  • Reflective accounts
  • Briefing papers


Course Duration 

Part-time – 30 weeks

Fees and Funding

The cost of this module is £2100 inc. VAT and includes two lots of two day workshops held at the University of Suffolk

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL):  Students with Foundation Degree in Youth Justice (FDYJ) can get also recognition of prior learning (60 credits) against the BA and BA (Hons) Youth Justice.

Please note, all our course materials are available in PDF version.

There are payment plan options available for this course.  Please contact one of one our student support coordinators to find out more on 01603 570365 or [email protected]

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