Youth Justice Effective Practice Certificate (YJEPC)

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Youth Justice Effective Practice Certificate (YJEPC)

This module explores the current state of theory, practice and evidence relating to working effectively with children and young people in the youth justice system. It’s focus is on effective practice across a number of important domains, including engaging with young people, assessment and planning interventions and custody and resettlement.  There is an opportunity to explore the key criminological theories in the context of offending by children and young people and to develop an understanding of desistance from offending and how to promote it.  


On successful completion of this module, a student will be able to:

  • Evaluate theoretical approaches to youth crime.
  • Critically evaluate effective practice and evidence-based approaches to youth justice practice.
  • Identify and analyse a range of strategies for engaging with and building relationships with individual young people, parents/carers and with groups.
  • Evaluate assessment and planning intervention practice in the context of youth justice.
  • Evaluate approaches to transition planning in the context of resettlement.
  • Evaluate theories of desistance and their application to work with young people who offend.

“A wonderful course to do – it filled a lot of gaps as I was new to my role [in youth justice].  I previously worked in a business support role so it was a bit of a career change.  It was a very varied course and I now know a little bit more about theory and working in youth justice with young people.  I received really helpful feedback from my Learning Coach – there was constructive criticism and a helpful approach … giving me things to think about and things I could improve on.  Completing the course during Covid-19 lockdown gave me the time to complete my studies in a concentrated way.”

Helen, YJEPC student 2.12.20

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“I have recently got a job in a Youth Offending Team and have found the course materials very relevant and useful in the first few weeks of work. The course themes are tying in a lot with the practical and theoretical aspects of my job, especially the blocks on adolescent development, trauma, attachment theory, and relationship-building. This learning is really benefiting my professional development. I also think the course is very well designed for studying alongside full-time work.”

Tom – YOT practitioner, YJEPC March 2020 cohort

What you will study

Block 1: Why young people offend – evaluate the key criminological theories in the context of explaining why children offend and how their behaviour is responded to.

Block 2: Working effectively – find out about ‘what works’ in youth justice and approaches to measuring the effectiveness of work done with young people in the youth justice system

Block 3: Assessment and planning interventions – explore the cycle of assessment, planning, intervention and review at the heart of youth justice practice

Block 4: Engagement and participation – consider a range of strategies for gaining and sustaining the engagement and positive participation of children and young people in interventions.

Block 5: Custody and resettlement – find out how custody is configured for children and evaluate practice designed to ensure the effective resettlement of children when they return to their communities.

Block 6: Desistance – investigate approaches to helping children and young people stop offending.

Course Duration

Part-time – 30 weeks

The cost of this course is £900 inc. VAT

Please note, all our course materials are available in PDF version.

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