Summer Arts Colleges

 offer a structured programme of high-quality arts provision for some of the most challenged and challenging young people. The college runs for three weeks during the summer holidays.



Funding available for Summer 2021 

To register your interest or find out what funding is available for 2021 please contact [email protected]

“The Summer Art College is the hardest thing we do as a Youth Offending Team, but is by far and away the best thing we do”

Louise Morgan – Head of Early Intervention Ealing YJS


Since 2008 The Summer Arts Colleges have engaged with over 3,000 young people from the care and criminal justice system.

  • The programme delivers high levels of attendance. 
  • Over 95% of young people who completed the programme achieved three nationally recognised Arts Awards
  • Literacy and numeracy levels improved in over two-thirds of participants
  • A statistically significant number of young people moved back into mainstream education, training or employment
  • Re-offending rates were reduced 
  • Substantial grants towards the funding of your programme
  • Arranging Arts Award training, enrolment and moderation
  • Incentive schemes for young people
  • Training for SAC Project Managers
  • Programme management information, advice and guidance
  • Template documents to help you plan the SAC, including curriculum planning
  • A detailed evaluation report on the outcomes of the SAC
  • Appoint a dedicated project manager who attends the training and review events
  • Secure a suitable venue
  • Identify and engage an appropriate group of 10 young people
  • Subcontract Artists / Arts Organisation to deliver the arts programme
  • Commit to the Artsmark
  • Record and supply evaluation data


“Summer Arts College is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life and it’s had a major impact on what I do now and my everyday life”

YP – Liverpool