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What is it like working in the Student Support Team at Unitas?

One of my most enjoyable parts of my job role is working on the Assessment Board preparation. It is amazing to see how many students reach the final stages of their studies, which will ultimately allow them to attend a future Graduation Ceremony, and make a difference in their workplace as well as progress in their careers. 

Georgia, Student Support Administrator

The Assessment Board is a process by which the student results are ratified (confirmed and agreed) by the University. Part of the process includes an independent review and report by an External Examiner (EE). In the December 2022 report the External Examiner’s report included the following comments

… the learning coach feedback demonstrated clear examples of exemplary practice in teaching and learning…”.  The student received a First Class for their excellent work produced.

The EE also commended the Unitas’ Student Support staff team for their communication when preparing for upcoming assessment boards,

Credit should be given to the administrative staff for their timely and clear communications…given the sheer number of students going through each time, is particularly commendable”.   

Quotes from External Examiner report – December 2022

Great feedback like this makes the due diligence and correspondence between ourselves and the University leading up to the Assessment Board, extremely rewarding.

We are due to commence preparing for another Assessment Board very soon. This will be for more of our Level 6 students who are working towards a BA in Youth Justice. The preparation is worthwhile knowing that the end result is more students that are eligible to attend the Graduation Ceremony in October 2023! 

Unitas students are mostly employed in the Youth Justice and allied sector and will already be making a difference to the children and young people that they work with.  We applaud all of our students and wish them every success in their ongoing learning journeys!