About Us


At Unitas we design, manage and deliver the training programmes that get you where you want to go. Open to people already working in the Youth Justice sector as well as those looking for new career opportunities, our accredited distance learning courses enable individuals of any ability to earn a degree, free of the limitations of a standard university experience.  With distance learning degree courses that come in at half the price of our peers, as well as interest free payment plans, flexible, affordable study has never been so easy. Unitas is passionate about diversity and as a result our courses are open to all ages and academic abilities, no matter what your educational background or circumstances. And, as our courses are accredited by the University of Suffolk, you can relax safe in the knowledge that any qualification you obtain is every bit as credible as any offered by a red brick university. Better yet, we ensure that all our degree students get the chance to take part in a traditional graduation ceremony, giving you the opportunity to celebrate your achievements with your peers at the end of your period of study.

Our Story 

Unitas is a charitable organisation unified by the desire to make flexible learning accessible to everyone. With our members gathered from a diverse range of professional backgrounds including education, criminal justice, policy management and social work, every course programme that we offer draws on the vast knowledge and expert experience of the team behind it. Committed to improving the lives of those already working in the Youth Justice sector, as well as to empowering those looking for a fresh start, Unitas seeks to help individuals acquire the qualifications that will open up new job opportunities, enhance their career options and support them to reach their full potential.