About Us

Who we are

Crime, its causes and consequences concern us all particularly where young people are concerned. Unitas is an education charity specialising in criminal justice. This means that we can provide both the highest quality and the lowest cost in courses and degrees. We are the largest provider of youth justice courses and degrees in the UK and recently established the new Youth Justice Institute in partnership with other key organisations.

We commission academics, managers and practitioners who work in a wide range of organisations to offer an unparalleled breadth and depth of learning in designing our courses. Our staff are highly experienced in the youth and criminal justice systems and adept at helping students learn and progress.

We are passionately committed to improving outcomes for young people who have been involved in the criminal justice system by helping improve the knowledge and skills of those working with them. We pioneered the innovative Summer Arts Colleges programme which has benefited several thousand young people over the past fifteen years. This keeps us closely attuned to the reality of working with the most troubled and troublesome children and young people in our society and generates invaluable research material to inform our learning programmes and help develop practice.


What we do

Unitas offers transformational learning opportunities for anyone who wishes to learn more about or work in the youth and criminal justice systems.

We have an open learning approach so that anyone regardless of age or educational experience can successfully complete our courses and degrees – no prior qualifications are required, only motivation. But to us open learning also means affordable learning – our degrees are half the cost of their equivalents elsewhere. Flexibility is essential for mature students and is integral to our courses. For example, you can start your course at four points in the year. If you do not want to commit to a full degree or wish to take a break you can pause and receive accreditation and choose when you wish to resume.

Our digital study materials are not only available online on the Unitas Academy but also are downloadable as apps. You are therefore not dependent on the quality of available internet connections. You can read our materials, listen to audio and watch videos on your smartphone or tablet when and where you choose.