Accessibility Statement

Unitas Website Accessibility Statement

Prepared by Equal Lives for Unitas – November 2020

This statement is for the use of the Unitas website

Our website was built by: Omni

Our website is hosted by: Omni

We want as many people to use our website as possible, and we want to ensure it is accessible to all that wish to use it.

Our website should be:

Perceivable, operable, understandable and robust.

This means people using our website should be able to:

  • Navigate the website easily and effectively
  • Navigate the website using screen reader software
  • Listen to the website using a screen reader or text to speech software
  • Zoom and enlarge the text
  • Change the colours, contract levels and font
  • Navigate using a keyboard
  • Find information relating to accessibility of our courses, website content and public offer

Our Commitment

In order to ensure our website is accessible, we consulted with user-led disability rights organisation Equal Lives to check the accessibility of our site.

They compiled an audit report for us, which enabled us to repair or rectify any issues and take note of longer-term project issues.

Known Issues or Limitations 

We are aware of the following issues with the accessibility on our website, and you can ask us about how we’re responding to them:

  • No function to change the text colour or text size – This is currently being handled by our web developer and will be in place by the end of Dec 2020
  • Green empty strip on ‘contact us’ page – This is currently being handled by our developer
  • Colour scheme (making some text hard to read) – Under review and changes will be in place by the end of January 2021

What to do if you encounter an accessibility issue, whilst using our website

You can contact us here: 01603 570365 or [email protected]

Accessibility Guidelines

All public sector bodies have to meet the 2018 requirements, unless they are exempt.

Public sector bodies include:

  • central government and local government organisations
  • some charities and other non-government organisations

You can find out more about the regulations and guidelines here:

Ongoing Development

Our website accessibility is reviewed annually.  Our Business Director is responsible for ensuring these changes are legally compliant.