Testimonials – Unitas

What our students say

I decided to study the YJEPC because I was working in Youth Justice at the time and I wanted to gain more academic knowledge to substantiate the work I was undertaking.

My course tutor [learning coach]was excellent support to me during the course. I felt confident approaching her with any questions I had as she was very knowledgeable in the subject area. She always made time for me and communication always went smoothly.

The course improved my time management skills. I was working full time throughout my studies and had to manage my time well so that I was able to study the course material and get my written assignments completed. The course was also a refresher for study as I last took part in education in 2010. As a result I have decided to apply for Postgraduate study (9/2023). The course I have chosen will also involve study and placements and the YJEPC has fully equipped me for this next step.

Julie – YJEPC Student 2022 (applying for Postgraduate course 9/2023)